Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Big Promotion on Sammydress

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  Now Easter is coming, and Sammydress has lauched big discounts activities for all honeys to have an unforgetable fashion travel, as well as good items to merchandise.
  There are 2 big winding promotion on Sammydress for each one’s reference.

  The first big promotion is specially major in Easter, and we have made 6 series public these days:
  The first series is female friends’ beloved dresses. All kinds of fashions will get your easy reach.
  The second series is Jewelry, and all delicate jewelries, earrings, rings and bracelets included.
  The third series is Women’s shoes. Sammydress belive you will love them a lot.
  The fourth series is Male friends’ fashion in clothing. There have been many guys engaging it
  The fifth series is ladies' bags, and we have get together one-should, slanting, shoulders to hand bags, etc.
  The last series is Females’intimates, and each one is able to find your favorite one in 2 seconds.

  The second big promotion is free shipping dresses, and many honey friends have familiared with it so much with a large bulk, for they have been frequent customers on Sammydress.
  Yes, it is true that all those dresses are for free shipping, and you will find it really amazing for entering “My Cart” period.

There are more attractive and fabulous items for your further tap on our website Welcome your visit and any questions can you reback to our official FB page:!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Way to Fanclub to Get More Discounts

We have built Fanclub for each clothing fans and beauty fans to get more benefits on S. The sentences & the illustrate are below for you to have a good reference.

1.Login in /Register at the right top of our website @
2.Enter Fanclub: On the top of your FB for searching "Sammydress" to find our
  official page on FB and then choose "Fanclub" on the left column apps;
  Or input the URL for to go on the next step.
3.Choose the item(s) you like and remember the coupon code.
4.Click "Buy Now".
5.It is time to "Add to Cart".
6."Shopping Cart" to find "Use Coupon", and click it to input the unique coupon                            
  code by the right item.
7.Click "Apply Code": Check the related information, and you'll find you have  been successful to enjoy the discounts.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Win An Ipad2 for Free

  At the end of year of 2011, we members on Sammydress all thanks for your support, and now start an activity for a lucky member.
  If you are a fan of Sammydress page on our official facebook(the direct link is, and you have a chance to get the ipad2 for free. However, if you are a registered member of Sammydress(the direct link is on our website, you can also get access to win the ipad2.
  If you are not a fan of Sammydress on FB, and even not a registered member on Sammydress site, you would lose this opportunity to get the free ipad2.
  Just be a fan or a registered member, and you will be a lucky one to get the ipad2.
  Good luck accompanying you!
  Please refer to

Item for $0.01 & Free Shipping

Today the item for $0.01+Free Shipping has changed, and you can visit the page for Waiting for what? Just go to have a look!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today's Online Shopping Reference on FB

 Today I personal to pick up some items from Sammydress, and hope you everyone believe my eyesight to help you make this decision. However, if you have any good suggestions, we, or I alone will pay the special attention to approach your logical demands.

For Today's Online Shopping Reference on FB, their are 2 modules to point out:
1. The classical series: the long sleeves polyesters for women is $15.01 for one unit, and we will reduce the price if you have a good mind to buy more as a shopkeeper or any preferential purpose. This preference is suitable for each merchandise.The second merchandise is the red hat for Christmas, and I think no one can find another store or online shopping website have lower price than this one for just $1.51 & Free Shipping. The third merchandise is a thicken dust coat as a new arrival to recommend for you or your beloved, and the price to refer is now $32.36, and the original price is for $38.83.

2.Recommended series: They are major for ladies and kids.
Ladies series are for long sleeves knitwear-it is now $17.99(Original for $43.08) & Free Shiping, high-heeled shoes for women-it is now $12.33, and shoulder bag for female is very friendly, only $17.99(Original for $32.35) & Free Shipping. You can catch the chance if interests are down here for a while. Kids series are showed you two merchandises-cotton fedora hat for child and special design exquisite rhinestone decorated crown for baby girlsspecial design exquisite rhinestone decorated crown for baby girls, very pleased to tell you that the hat is for your affordable price by $3.77, which makes your little honey cooler and more stylish, and the crown with a much lower price at $1.52 for you to have a good reference, which makes your daughter is more cute and graceful.

  You can hit the link if you have any interest, or you can skip related      sentences to save your time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Get A Coupon Code to Reduce 10% OFF

  Each week we will release a certain coupon for you to get benefits from Sammydress, and in this way you are going to save money to get your objective items. Therefore, this week is also considering in.
  If you are not a fan of Sammydress on FB(This is our official page on FB, and you can find us by searching the Sammydress by FB search function), then you have no right to enjoy the special favor.
  If you are a fan of Sammydress, and you will take a coupon to get things for 10% OFF.
  Now the first job is to "Like Us" on Sammydress on FB.
  Welcome your any other questions about coupon from us!
  The direct access to Free Coupon for

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheap Way in Sammydress- the method to 12% OFF for Everything

If you are still unavailable to get access to gain the benefits for 12% OFF for Everything, then you can finish your procedures in details by the instruction as follows:

If you open the image in a small way, and right-click the mouse to choose "Open in New Tab Picture", and in this way you can have a good knowledge of the details to get the right information. Good luck and better experience!
Our website is